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Port of Escombreras (Cartagena-Spain)


Gregorio Martínez-Fortún S.L was founded in 1989 by Gregorio Martínez-Fortún and now his son Jose María Martínez-Fortún is continuing with the business of processing carob fruit for Food and Feed Industry.

With the advance of the activity, we decided to built  warehouses located in Escombreras near to  near the port of Cartagena, with a capacity of 60.000 tons, to meet the growing demand.

Industrial Estate of La Palma

Since 2005 we have new facilities in the Industrial Estate of La Palma, where we process and storage exclusively carob, thus becoming experts in the sector.

Lorca (Murcia)

In 2008, Gregorio Martínez-Fortún together with three leading companies in the Feed, created the first Feed Factory for Pets in the Region of Murcia, called ALINATUR PET FOOD. Nowadays, it is one of the top  10 factories in this sector nationally and has wide presence internationally in more than 25 countries and a annual production of 70.000 tons.

Industrial Estate of La Palma

Thanks to the vaste knowledge of wine manufacturing of our founder from Gregorio Martínez- Fortun S.L, we decided to go deeper into the study and exploitation of the properties of this fruit.

In this context, in 2016 we started a new stage of investigation and development working together with the Polytechnic  University of Cartagena (UPCT in spanish), with the purpose of extracting the properties of the carob pod to obtain a unique and 100% natural syrup with high add value.

This new initiative has led the group Gregorio Martínez-Fortún S.L, to create a production plant with more than 3000 m2 of facilities to produce these syrups, under the name of CERATONIA PLUS S.L. obtaining two varieties of syrup; GOLD ESSENCE and BLACK ESSENCE, and taking advantage of their antioxidants and natural fibre.