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carob fruit

The fruit is obtained from the carob tree, a native Mediterranean tree with great properties for both health and environment.

chopped carob

It is the result of the classifying, screening and griding of carob pods. Its current consumption is focused on animal feed, as it is indeal for initiation feeds due to its high content in carbohydrates (40-50%) and tannins which makes it very appetizing and helps to avoid episodes of decomposition in the animal.

We offer this product in a size of 2 cm aprox, either in bulk or in big-bag (on request). For more information do not hesitate to contact us.


It is obtained from the screening of the chopped carob, so it preserves exactly the same nutritional values. This product, as chopped carob, is mainly destined to feed production.


The seeds of carob tree are used to obtain the LOCUS BEAM GUM or E-140 a natural stabilizer, emulsifier and thickener widely used in the food industry in dairy products, fishing, coffee, etc.



From the facilities of the Valley of Escombreras in Cartagena, we give logistic support of loading, unloading and storage for a wide range of vegetable bulks. Such as: soy flour, wheat, corn, sorghum, among others.


After a long tradition and experience in the purchase and marketing of carob, we have become a reference in the Region of Murcia, in the trade of carob and derived products.